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From Knebworth Neighbourhood Plan



This is an overview of the Strategy and Policies part of the Local Plan, which is still in draft. The draft was presented to the meeting of the North Herts District Council, on a meeting on the 20th July. The minutes of the meeting may be read here. The draft may be accessed here.

Spacial Strategy and Strategic Policies

Spacial Strategy

SP1 Sustainable Development

Highest level of guff about sustainability. No actual definition.

Strategic Policies

SP2 High Level Allocation of sites

Defines categories of villages

SP3 - Employment Land

Mainly about towns, defines appropriate mix of ABC use classes.

sp4 Town and local centres

Mainly about retail permission

SP5 - Countryside and Green Belt

Village boundaries, rural areas beyond GB (some in Knebworth Ward), movement of GB boundaries.

SP6 - Transport

Some general stuff about transport, but note that most of this is in the (county level?) Infrastructure Delivery Plan and Local Transport Plan. These are referenced. I have not read them. I am pretty sure they don't offer much to Knebworth.

SP7 - Infrastructure Requirements and Developer Contributions

This policy defines what a new development needs in terms of infrastructure, and the obligations on the developer to contribute to its being built. The word 'stringent' is used, which has a special planning meaning. Beefing this up might make some or all sites around Knebworth uneconomic.

SP8 - Housing

This is where the overall targets are specified.

SP9 - Design

This includes size and, like so many other places, 'sustainability'.

SP10 - Healthy Communities

Facilities for health, and for recreation.

SP11 - Natural Resources and Sustainability

Includes flooding, although there are overlaps with [XXX]

SP12 - Green Infrastructure

Statement that environment will be protected.

SP13 - Historic Environment

SP14 - SP19 - Strategic Sites

These are the large (>500 dwellings) around the major towns. They require 'master plans'. Note that although the total of Knebworth sites is >500 they are not all the same site, so no master plan is required under the current draft Plan.

Development Management Policies

Economy and Town Centres

ETC1 - Uses in Employment Areas

ETC2 - Employment outside of designated Employment Areas

ETC3 - New Retail & Town Centre Devt.

ETC4 - Shopping frontages

ETC5 - Shopping frontages in secondary areas

ETC6 - Local Centres

ETC7 - 'Scattered' Shops

New shops in Knebworth would fall into this policy

ETC8 - Tourism

Countryside and Green Belt

CGB1 - Rural Areas beyond GB

CGB2 - Exception Sites

Developments permitted in GB, such as community devt and some affordable housing

CGB3 - Rural Workers' Dwellings

CGB4 - Existing Rural Buildings


Note that transport is also the concern of the Infrastructure Delivery Policy and the Local Transport Policy, which are County-level policies, which I have not read.

T1 - Transport

Inter alia sets thresholds above which transport assessments must be done for planning applications.

T2 - Parking Policy

New policy on this: minimum 1 parking space. Houses with 2+ bedrooms: minimum of 2 parking spaces. Garages must be 7m x 3m internally to count. 'Car Parking Standards' appendix.

Housing Strategy

HS1 - Local Housing Allocations

HS2 - Affordable Housing

HS3 - Housing mix

HS4 - Sheltered (etc) Housing

HS5 - Accessible Housing

Accessible for wheelchair users etc.: minimum proportion in larger devts.

HS6 - Relative and Dependents Accomm

Design Strategy

D1 - Design

D3 - Protecting living Conditions

Considerations of traffic, pollution, sunlight, overlooking, dominance etc.

D4 - Air Quality

Very important where sites near major roads which may suffer from congestion.

Healthy Communities

HC1 - Community Facilities

Preservation of health &c facilities

Natural Environment

NE1 - Landscape Impact

NE2 - Green Infrastructure

(See also SP12.) This is a more positive statement that PP will be granted to applications that enhance biodiversity etc.

NE4 - Open Spaces

Protection of open spaces

NE5 - New Public Spaces

Encouragement of in planning system

NE6 - Designated Biodiversity

Specific protection for e.g. SSSI.

NE8 - Flood Risk Reduction

NE9a - Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

NE10 - Water Framework Directive

NE11 - Contaminated Land

NE12 (NE4 in my draft) Renewable Energy Policy

Heritage Policies

HE1 - Design Heritage Assets

HE2 - Heritage at Risk

HE3 - Local Heritage

HE4 - Archaelogy Policy


This is where all the plans relating to specific sites are located. For Knebworth the relevant sections are KB1, KB2, KB3 and KB4.